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As you would expect from a senior coach, Peter is an exceptionally good listener, helping you to get to a place where you can address the issues that you’ve been grappling with. But his style goes beyond listening to very thoughtful feedback, which can take days or weeks to percolate through your mind and produce entirely fresh insights…”

“We were in crisis… The media had been fed damaging semi-truths by a disgruntled ex-employee, senior people were running for cover and we had no internal alignment on how best to deal with this unfamiliar situation…”

“We were facing a very important issue, which had the potential to severely impact the company… Peter and his team took us through scenario evaluations and role playing in war-gaming, which created many fresh insights and previously unseen ways forward…”

“Our senior people were all technically competent, but many of them had trouble communicating their knowledge in ways that were compelling and appropriate for their audiences…”

Peter not only steadied the ship, but he also worked well with me and our team to design a way forward that took account of the myriad complexities of the issues we were facing… Highly recommended.


CEO, Not for Profit

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