Client Feedback

We help people and organizations in complex situations see their paths and move forward. We use the tools of executive coaching, strategic planning, communications consulting and real-world execution game plans while leveraging our deep network to help you succeed.

Executive Coaching Feedback


As you would expect from a senior coach, Peter is an exceptionally good listener, helping you to get to a place where you can address the issues that you’ve been grappling with. But his style goes beyond listening to very thoughtful feedback, which can take days or weeks to percolate through your mind and produce entirely fresh insights.

Peter creates a space that feels very safe, personable and conversational.  While discussions are open and exploratory, they’re also intentional and directional: aimed at results. That said, he doesn’t jump in or overly lead the conversation, enabling me to find the answers on my own, but often based on new ideas that surface over days or weeks. As he once said to me, “the conversation may be over, but the coaching never stops.”

We seldom end where we began, as Peter’s approach often helps me realize the problems that lie underneath the problems and I have often felt that “I didn’t even know that this was the central question.”

The topics that we have covered have ranged from very current operational and management challenges that benefit from coaching guidance, through to working with my board on difficult strategic issues and looking at significant career and life-changing discussions on the purpose for my life and its future direction.

These conversations – and Peter’s effectiveness as a questioning, sounding board – have given me the confidence to move forward on significant, difficult issues and the assurance that the gut instincts that have come from these conversations have usually been right.

Highly recommended. 



Peter has been coaching me for over a year now, and our meeting time is one of the most important hours of my week. Peter began coaching me when I came into a new role as CEO of an organization with over 20 years of history. He has been stalwart in his ability to coach me, and as a result, impact my team through this season. In both his tactical abilities (i.e. “ready to help build a strategy through any challenge”), as well as through deep insights and wisdom, Peter is a master at synthesizing his years of experience and knowledge with the challenges I face as a leader, helping coach me from a worry to a big win.

Peter has effectively coached me through a variety of issues and challenges. A primary focus has been on my entry into a CEO role for the first time and navigating the path of growing an organization while transitioning from its founder. Throughout this time, Peter has helped me to develop personal and organizational strategies, as well as the culture and even the language necessary to maximize and empower and lead people through the good, the bad, the ugly, and sometimes ambiguous aspects of organizational change and growth.

Peter’s coaching has helped me not just weather the storms, but to grow and learn through the journey. It’s helped me to become more resilient, and stronger. Further, the insights and plans that he has helped me to develop have better equipped me to lead, rely on and trust the team I have and invest in the right people, as we scale the organization at a rapid pace. Peter’s coaching isn’t just helping me through storms, he has helped me to build myself, and the team around me as a result of the storms. 



Peter draws from the incredible breadth and depth of his experience during coaching, which allows him to quickly understand and relate to a wide array of topics and situations. He is a very kind and thoughtful coach that allowed me to establish fresh perspectives and actions to very complex situations.

The issues we discussed were highly complex and sensitive issues that span from local tactical to global strategic. These issues span all over the globe which is foundational to the challenge of knitting together the many facets and participants for the benefit of all.

The power of perspective and guidance can’t be overstated. The benefits of Peter’s coaching helped me set vision and actions that have built momentum with many global organizations.


Senior Government Regulator

As a leader, it’s rare to have space to discuss and process what’s going on in my life with someone who is committed to listening and reflecting with the sole objective of helping—helping me organize thoughts, explore insecurities and concerns, come to decisions, and reach goals.  Weeks and months after our sessions, I find myself taking action, not just because of things Peter said, but things that I was able to externally process and come to a realization of with Peter’s expert assistance and guidance.  Peter helps me see.

Issues addressed include business goals and challenges, family, marriage, life direction and purpose, travel, spirituality and future possibilities and changes. 


President, Business Founder, & Serial Entrepreneur

I engaged Peter as a business and life coach at a time where I knew I needed to grow as a leader, but didn’t know what the issues were that were holding me back. Rather than pulling another “method book” from the shelf, I felt it better to engage a coach.

Over the course of our relationship, we have worked through several underlying issues which were impacting my businesses. By identifying some core blind spots in my personal thinking, it has enabled me to see a direct positive change in our business operations.

He has equally encouraged me to highlight the areas that are working well to capitalize and leverage these.
I have appreciated his ability to navigate various means of technology to facilitate conversation across significant time zones and a flexible schedule to help deal with time sensitive situations that sometimes arise.

Peter shares from his diverse business and corporate experience with both humility and humour.

I am looking forward to continuing to work with Peter as the needs of my businesses change.


CEO & Serial Entrepreneur

Peter’s coaching has been a valuable asset to me, and I don’t know where I would be without his support and guidance. Peter is accommodating, trustworthy and client-centered; I can discuss my most confidential details without reservation. The benchmarks of Peter’s approach to coaching are honesty, integrity, safety, and accountability.

We analyzed situations that overwhelmed me and found approaches that reconnected me with the power of my own instincts. Through learning to trust myself I have become better positioned to see my value and make purposeful decisions.

One of the most difficult topics we have navigated is the safety of my daughter and prioritizing my wellness while dealing with very complex family dynamics. Peter encourages the involvement of meaningful support and tailored his coaching style to my needs.

Peter’s coaching expertise has led to numerous “ah-ha moments” which allowed us to target direct issues and create a plan tailored to my specific needs and style. I have a better understanding of how I process information which has been transformative to the ways I analyze, interpret, and behave.

Developing a change strategy was convenient, focused and efficient. This has helped me utilize my strengths and become more aware of my blind spots; I have higher levels of confidence because I’ve learned how to redefine what “doing my best” means.

Peter’s kind words, gentle feedback, and authenticity make me feel less alone in the world; I feel seen – every time we meet


Non-Profit Executive

It has been incredibly impactful. There has been a mix between thought-provoking and character-building elements. I have become both a better leader and a better person by being coached by Peter.

We have addressed topics like staff management, meeting organization, conflict resolution, and hiring.

It has made a tremendous difference. As a result of Peter’s coaching, I have found myself to be a more competent and confident leader. This has made me more effective at work, which has meant that I have been able to spend more time with my family.



Peter offered a great blend of coaching and mentoring, which I prefer to solely coaching. I want to learn from others who have progressed in companies and have experience to share. Peter does a fantastic job of blending these two.

From trivial challenges with daily operations to exploring the value I bring at a leadership level. Peter always provides fabulous insights and offers questions to explore regardless of the size or nature of the issue.

Coaching always gives space and time for reflection, consideration and growth. My time with Peter was always something I looked forward to and I look forward to more coaching and support in the future. His analogy of the corporate mountain has stayed with me and will forever ground me when I’m feeling lonely as a leader.


HR Executive

Consulting Feedback


We were in crisis when Peter arrived. The media had been fed damaging semi-truths by a disgruntled ex-employee, senior people were running for cover and we had no internal alignment on how best to deal with this unfamiliar situation. Peter not only steadied the ship, but he also worked well with me and our team to design a way forward that took account of the myriad complexities of the issues we were facing. He was responsive, thoughtful, adaptable and also – in the midst of great stress – fun and a breath of fresh air to work with. 


We were facing a very important issue, which had the potential to severely impact the company. Its complexity and size had led to paralysis through analysis and we were stuck. Peter and his team took us through scenario evaluations and role playing in war-gaming, which created many fresh insights and previously unseen ways forward. Not only did they provide huge value (and our CEO was delighted to have a fresh way forward), but they were also fun and creative: a real pleasure to work with.


Electricity Executive
Peter and his team were brought in when we knew we had issues that needed managing to minimize the impact when they inevitably became public. This group were sensitive to our culture and values and worked well with all the senior team. They understood the emotions and mindset of our critics and designed and helped us implement an appropriate strategic plan. This covered training in crisis communications, stakeholder relations and media interviewing; the crafting of key messages and Q&A material; event design and management; facilitation skills and ongoing media management. Their professionalism, skill and reliability were invaluable, and I am convinced that things would have been much worse, had it not been for their involvement.


Senior Manager
Our senior people were all technically competent, but many of them had trouble communicating their knowledge in ways that were compelling and appropriate for their audiences. Peter provided everything from individual coaching to media training to greatly improving our Investor Day materials and presentations. The CEO and I both felt that he’d made a valuable contribution over a number of years.


Senior Comms Executive
We needed an external facilitator for a complex, all-day event involving the top 70 people in our company. This was a particularly sensitive exercise, because we needed the support of the CEO for the proposed approach to the day, while also making sure people felt able to speak freely on a number of issues. Peter worked with our team to devise a necessarily complex set of approaches to different parts of the day. He then delivered on this as facilitator to produce a very successful outcome and good return for our investment.


SVP, Oil & Gas
As the head of communications for a mid-sized company, I had only a relatively small staff to help me and really needed a senior person with experience across all the communications disciplines to act as a sounding board, adviser and confidante. Peter filled all these roles for me and provided really valuable advice. Our discussions covered a wide range: from dealing with the executive team to managing my own people and from putting together a comms strategy, through issues management, to helping edit news releases. His experience, availability and helpful manner were a great asset.


Senior Comms Executive
Over the course of a year of monthly meetings with Peter, our discussions covered a wide range of topics; from work issues, such as project management, dealing with difficult bosses and the intricacies of office politics, through to personal matters such as work/life balance and the dynamics of family life. Throughout our mentoring and coaching discussions, I always felt that Peter had useful questions to ask, helpful suggestions to make and often provided new ways of looking at things. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he has changed my life and I am very appreciative of the time we spent together.


Management Consultant
We were considering moving into a new geography, which had no previous experience of oil & gas operations. I was concerned that, if we went in operating like we normally did in familiar territory, then we could easily find ourselves in trouble. We were having difficulty convincing the relevant operational managers of the need for a different approach. The idea of them helping to explore different scenarios for our operations was a very attractive way of creating insights and getting people to think about different possible methods of operation.


SVP, Oil & Gas

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