Eight Reasons to Use a Facilitator

for Your Organisation's Next Planning Session

A professional, strategic communications facilitator who has skill with people and a knowledge of business objectives and challenges can greatly accelerate your organisation’s effectiveness. Here are eight reasons to engage 385 Consulting in your next corporate planning session:

1. Leadership Participation
We free up leadership to participate in planning sessions, allowing them to better listen and engage in the process instead of directing it.

2. Level Playing Field
When leadership engages as a participant, it levels the playing field more and encourages others to open up and contribute their perspectives.

3. Objectivity
We concentrate on creating space for powerful conversations and perspectives and are not encumbered with existing corporate paradigms or a vested interest in a specific outcome.

4. Getting to the Root
We focus on creating a safe space for people to ask questions and contribute ideas that can uncover core factors, asking pertinent and probing questions where required to get a grasp of the whole picture.

5. Best Practices
We bring deep experience, science, and expertise to strategic and tactical communications designed to get everyone on the same page efficiently and effectively.

6. Specialization
In the same way that your organisation specializes in specific activities, we specialize in working with people, encouraging participation in processes that create clarity, perspective, insight, and decision making.

7. Proper Tone
We ensure that conversations steer in a productive direction, keeping discussions relevant and on track without power dynamics that can be present when led by organisational leadership.

8. Communicating Value
Hiring a facilitator demonstrates the priority that an organisation places on a session’s success and places value on those who are gathered to contribute to its shared future.

In Conclusion
Years ago, I had a conversation with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company who had been spotted early on in his career as being very high potential and was sent on secondment to Washington for a year. He spent the time working in the House Rules Committee. He told me, “What they wanted me to learn was that process determines outcome”.

That phrase – “process determines outcome” – is one of the most powerful I’ve ever heard.

If your next planning session is important, complex or contentious, then please contact us for help in designing and delivering a process that’s custom-tailored to your unique circumstances and maximises the likelihood of you achieving your objectives.

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