Strategic Services

Strategic Services

  Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning creates new, insightful thinking about any complex situation with no currently clear path forward and helps avoid paralysis in the face of uncertainty or challenge.

We have used this approach across a wide variety of issues, such as helping plot strategy for entry into new geographies, identifying fresh ways forward in addressing complex regulatory issues, and envisioning the future of communications in a rapidly changing world.

  Business Planning

All effective business planning starts with an understanding of both the external environment and an organization’s own capabilities and opportunities.

Covid-19 has drastically changed not only the external environment, but also the nature of many organizations’ strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In such a situation, gradual, incremental change may not be the best option for many organizations. This means that senior executives will need to find ways to quickly and radically shift their thinking.

Scenario planning and other processes can be used to open people’s minds to new possibilities. Integrated internal communications and change management programs can then be used to reshape organizations’ objectives, cultures, structures and programs.

At 385 Consulting, we have extensive experience in dealing with sudden changes and helping organizations navigate in these ways through turbulence and uncertainty.

  Integrated Communications Strategies

There are no hiding places in an interconnected world and silos between different areas of communications have disappeared.  For example, government relations plans can no longer be designed in isolation and need to be integrated into plans for media relations, the active management of social media and other stakeholders, which then feeds into internal communications.
The Internet is shifting power from institutions (such as companies and governments) to networks.  Successful strategies need the creation of integrated  networks, as well as an understanding of the objectives and activities of the networks of others.
At 385 Consulting, our own deep network of associate relationships gives us access to high-quality expertise across all communications disciplines, including the creation and utilisation of networks and a track record of their successful integration.



Organisations occasionally host events to discuss issues, develop plans for the future and gather feedback from groups within the company.

A professional, strategic communications facilitator who has skill with people and a knowledge of business objectives and challenges can greatly accelerate your organisation’s effectiveness in these events.

Facilitation frees up leadership to participate in planning sessions, allowing them to better listen and engage in the process, instead of directing it.  It also levels the playing field, which opens up and encourages participation across organizational hierarchy when discussing sensitive topics while, at the same time, ensuring that the conversations remain relevant, productive, and on track.  See our Eight Reasons to Use a Facilitator for Your Organisation’s Next Planning Session for a more in depth look at the benefits of facilitation.

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