Meet Peter Hunt

Peter Hunt is the Managing Director of 385 Consulting Inc., an organisation at the centre of a network of associates who bring a wide range of skills and backgrounds to help organisations succeed through their relationships with—and  understanding of—their external environments.

Peter has over 40 years of business and communications experience and has worked with the highest levels of global companies, based in both in Europe and Canada.

As a senior strategist, Peter plays a key role in the design and execution of significant business and communications initiatives. At the strategic level, these have enabled the achievement of objectives in very challenging environments and have helped transform organisations’ reputations and relationships, while also helping the development of appropriate corporate cultures.

More tactically, he has helped organisations with both issues and crisis management and also enabled effective public consultation and regulatory success in the face of well-organised opposition.

In addition to Peter’s senior experience in the commercial sector, he has also worked in the non-profit sector, having served as a board member for one of Canada’s largest food banks and also worked on secondment for two years as Marketing Manager for The Prince’s Youth Business Trust, playing a key role in establishing this organization for The Prince of Wales.

Peter graduated from Bristol University, England with a BSc (Joint Honours) in Economics and Politics. He is married with two adult children and is an active member of his local church. He used to have a golden Labrador, which he still misses.

Peter’s detailed LinkedIn bio can be accessed at www.linkedin.com/in/petershunt

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