Training & Implementation

Training & Implementation

  Media Training

Media interviews are often seen as high-risk encounters. If the subject matter is contentious, they can make or break a senior person’s career. Indeed, a “media ambush” has been known to turn even an apparently benign product launch interview into an inquisition.

Many interviewees feel they are powerless in the face of hostile, probing interviewing, but this need not be the case. There are proven strategies and techniques which can enable interviewees to retain control and convey their key messages, without seeming evasive or untrustworthy.

We have trained many senior personnel, across a wide range of organisations and situations to operate successfully in this arena, despite their initial concerns.

  Presentation & Speech Training

People invited to give speeches or make presentations are usually masters of their subject matter. But knowing about something and the ability to communicate it in a compelling, engaging and memorable fashion are entirely different things.

We have all sat through incomprehensible presentations or endless speeches whose “best by” date was passed a long time ago.

At 385 Consulting, we work with highly knowledgeable people on how to analyse their audience needs, the structure and content of their material and techniques to ensure their delivery is a memorable enhancement to their reputation.

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